Photographs are an essential step when selling your home in Bolton and are integral to an effective marketing strategy. Your photos need to look fantastic and stand out in a busy market. The images need to be an accurate and honest representation of... read more »
There are several reasons why you might be considering becoming a landlord in Bolton. Perhaps you’re moving away for work but don’t want to sell your home, or you may have inherited a property from a relative and want to generate a monthl... read more »
Whether you’re thinking of adding an extra bedroom or extending the kitchen, the chances are you will need planning permission before you can go ahead and get started. Once you’ve decided to proceed, you’ll need to go through a few... read more »
Is Your Home In Good Shape For The Winter Season? Winter is here, and if you’re a homeowner in Bolton, you’ll need to prepare your home for the cold weather. With strong winds, rain, storms, and snow all likely, we have put together our ... read more »
Rent to rent is not that widely known, but it could be a way for you to make an income without having to buy a property. Like many things, rent to rent comes with positives and it comes with negatives – the best thing to do is to weigh up the ... read more »
You may have heard about probate and “probate property” but not really know much about what it actually means. You wouldn’t be the only person for whom probate is much of a mystery. After all, it’s not every day that you have... read more »
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